Dr. Greg Deck

I have been practicing dentistry for 14 years, and the smartest business decision I made was to join the Share Dent team.  It used to drive me crazy watching my front desk personnel literally waste hours every week flipping through every colour flyer that came in. Then they would end up calling multiple companies and sales reps looking for the best deal.  Well when I first spoke to Tim and Russ at Share Dent and they showed me how easy and efficient this was – it was a no brainer.

The implementation process was fast and we were able to dedicate one person to ordering. This also forced us to become very organized with regards to sundries. She spends 10 – 15 minutes every 2 weeks counting inventory with the PDA, and placing an order. Besides freeing up hours of staff time, I have also saved money through the power of group buying. I became so excited and impressed with the results in my office I immediately saw the huge potential in Share Dent as a company. Within a year I joined the Board of Directors and have been there for 6 years.

Share Dent is a dentist owned company and it is evident by the direction the board takes. We are focused on reducing cost; this is done with the buying power of a large group (typically 20 % less on my basket of goods). As Share Dent continues to grow our costs continue to go down and that is good for the dentist.

Dr. Christina Heidinger

I have been practicing dentistry in Kitchener, Ontario for the past 26 years.  I have been a shareholder with Share Dent for 7 years and it has been an awesome experience.   I was on the ODA Board of Directors for 7 years, and it was a pleasure to serve and to have input and influence with our Association.  Last year I became a member of the Share Dent Board of Directors and it has been most enjoyable.  I am able to utilize my knowledge gained from the ODA Board experience, and apply it to directing and guiding Share Dent activities. This includes ensuring due diligence in Share Dent endeavours and that the goals are compliant with what is in the best interest of our Dentist Community. Share Dent is a group that is dedicated to not only maintaining significantly lower prices on supplies but increase the profitability of our practices.  I am looking forward to contributing to Share Dent and learning more about the company of which I am a shareholder.

The Share Dent Inventory Control Efficiency (ICE) technology keeps my cost under control and I can enjoy my practice in Dentistry.   I no longer have to worry about inventory levels because the system ensures it’s always on my shelf.  No more over/under stocking or expired products and very few items ever need to be returned.  My accountants noticed the dramatic change in cost when I joined Share Dent.

I believe in contributing my time to Associations/groups that are integrity grounded and contribute to my dental practice and experience. I highly trust Share Dent because of the inherent transparency in all aspects of their business practices.  As Share Dent grows our number of dentist partners, we will be able to negotiate better volume discounts for dental supplies. This would create the win-win scenario, a win for Share Dent but more important a win for each of the member/shareholder dentists.

Dr. Rob Suzuki

I have been in practice since 1996. In 2003 I became a practice owner. At about the same time I discovered Share Dent. The business model was very similar to one that a classmate and I had discussed because we were both concerned about the high mark-ups on supplies.  I joined Share Dent because it would save me money, and it has!  I have always been intrigued by business and when the opportunity came up to serve on the Board of this company, I jumped at the chance.

Since I joined Share Dent my accountant has noticed my supplies expense has been lower as a percentage of my gross than most of his non-Share Dent clients.  I trust that the prices I pay are the lowest non-grey market prices.  My assistant, Rose, is able to efficiently keep our inventory supplied without over-stocking or under-stocking as a result of Share Dent’s unique inventory control tracking and purchasing technology.

Since becoming involved as a Board member I’ve had the opportunity to meet Mr. Brendan Ginty (member on Share Dent BoD) CEO of Veterinarian Purchasing Company.  I learned about the phenomenal success of how Veterinarians across Ontario have joined together and formed a company to enable them to pool their purchasing power to reduce their supplies costs for over 30 years.  Dentists like myself now have the opportunity to participate in a similar business ownership model as Veterinarians, to consistently purchase our dental sundries at a much lower rate.  I am very excited to be one the shareholders of Share Dent as a way to save money, and to receive profit sharing from our company as we grow together.

Tim Gibson – President and CEO

Tim Gibson brings a diverse skill set to Share Dent. His background in marketing, business development, strategic planning, risk management and operations provides extensive knowledge and experience that has been instrumental in growing Share Dent into a successful and sustainable dental buying group.

As Director of Operations for Citigroup, Tim created efficiencies and increased capacity for growth. In a three-year period, annual sales processed doubled to $750 million, service levels dramatically increased and operating costs were reduced by 25%. His highly successful re-engineering of both the operational and quality control components of Citigroup’s Private Label Credit Card Center earned him the distinction of being selected to the President’s Club of Canada, awarded to select individuals in Citigroup’s Canadian operations who have demonstrated outstanding and sustainable performance.

Tim Gibson has served as a member of the Call Center Advisory Board for London, Ontario as well as the Canadian Credit Risk Management Association. He provided value-added support to Citigroup’s business partner advisory group.

Tim researched buying groups extensively while taking his MBA at the Richard Ivey School of Business, the University of Western Ontario. He wrote numerous articles on the set up and operations of buying groups. Developing the business plan in concert with renowned instructors at Ivey, he ensured Share Dent would be profitable, sustainable and of great value to dentists.

As Share Dent’s President, Tim is responsible for the company’s corporate strategy, operations/logistics, financials, vendor relations and chairing the Board meetings. He possesses an HBA (1991) and MBA (2002) from the Richard Ivey School of Business, the University of Western Ontario.

Brendan Ginty

As a shareholder in Share Dent you’ll benefit from the extensive purchasing group expertise of Board Member, Brendan Ginty. Since assuming the role of General Manager of Veterinary Purchasing, a veterinary buying group, in 1985, Brendan has grown the company into Ontario’s largest distributor in the animal health field with annual sales of over $250 million. Beginning with just 18 veterinarians as partners in the early 1970s, Veterinary Purchasing has grown to include over 2,500 veterinarians. The company currently holds over 85% market share in Ontario in product distribution to its partners.

Brendan possesses a unique ability to identify and execute value-added solutions for stakeholders. In 1989, he organized a committee that researched, wrote and published the first Compendium of Veterinary Products which is now required for veterinary practice accreditation. In recognition of his service to the veterinary profession, he was awarded a Honourary Membership in the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association in 1995.

A committed and respected business professional, Brendan is a past member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Animal Health Institute and currently sits on the Strategic Planning Committee. An active member of his local Kinsmen Club for over 12 years, he is currently serving on the Board of the St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation (St. Mary’s, Ontario), which he has been involved with for 14 years.